The Last Straw

Aftermath of abuse and how to deal with your anger

I wanted to write about the anger most woman have after finally getting free from domestic abuse and domestic violence. I had a woman write me today saying that she is so angry at herself and family that tells her the dreaded words, “Get over it.”

For the life of me I can’t imagine telling anyone to get over it about really anything. Okay, maybe a stubbed toe or a bounced check, but not about being verbally, physically and mentally tormented, most times for years and years.

My first piece of advice: immediately stop worry about what others think.

This really applies to anyone in life but especially if you have been abused. If the person isn’t supporting you, I don’t care if it is your mother, sister or who ever, don’t talk to them about this at all. It will only make things worse.

Find others who understand. Not…

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